Inspiring story of Suhas Gopinath, World’s Youngest CEO at 17 yrs

At a seminar on ‘Education System in India at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, last year, a boy dressed in casuals stepped out of his car and entered the gate. He is stopped by the security personnel: “This event is only for CEOs, you are a college boy.”The boy smiled, picked up his cellphone and soon a whole swarm of organisers arrived at the entrance to usher him in.

But then we really can’t blame the security. Even the wisest of men probably wont guess that the 17-year-old Suhas Gopinath can be the CEO and President of a Bangalore-based IT solutions company, Globals Inc. Suhas had actually been invited as one of the speakers at the seminar…

“Because of my age and looks, I often land in embarrassing situations and do not know how to handle the confusion,”says a candid Suhas, who is currently juggling is corporate life with a BE in Information Science at the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Information Technology. He owns a car, bought out of his earnings, but doesn’t have a license to drive it around the city as he is too young to get a license! As a CEO, he wraps up mega deals, but cannot sign on the dotted line as legally he is not yet an adult.

His is a story of a pastime turning into obsession. As a student at Air Force School in Mathikere, he frequented a cyber cafe near his home. “I was overwhelmed by the world of Internet. It became a passion. Though my parents were completely against it, I would spend hours before the computer. My elder brother Shreyas encouraged a lot. I learnt HTML, ASP and every possible software at the cyber cafe,” recalls Gopinath.

On May 14, 2000, along with friends Clifford Leslie and Vinay M.N, he floated his own “I did not have the money to start. My parents refused to give my a penny, saying it was not worth it. So I wrote to Network Solutions Inc in the US and they readily agreed,” he says.

Suhas, really had ‘IT’ in him. In August, the same year, he set up Globals Inc, a web solutions and n e t wor k i n g company, with a team of four. Now, he has 350 employers, offices in 11 countries, and a turnover of $1 million this year.

“Initially we offered the services for free. As most of us were studying and were very young to actually run the company, many clients were not keen on us. But after seeing the work we delivered, they were impressed. Lot of them in fact still are very encouraging,”he smiles.

At the Bangalore office, there are more than 15 full-time software engineers today. How does he deal with employees elder to him by many years? “Most of the people who work with me are between the age group of 17-19 yrs. I treat them as friends first, than act like a boss. So the job becomes much more easier,” adds Gopinath.

But it’s a stressful life, he admits.”As I got more interested in the company, my studies went for a toss. In my Class X exams I scored 80 per cent, but in I PUC could barely get 65 per cent. Even here I try and not bunk too many classes, but clients cannot be given lame excuses. When I have exams, I tell them I am unwell…” he is candid.

A few years ago ……

  • He buys a car but wouldn’t drive because he had no license.
  • He, as a CEO, successfully accomplishes a deal but wouldn’t sign the contract !!
  • He even grew his Mustache to camouflage his student looks

Success comes with a price and Suhas has understood the importance of it. “At times, I repent that I am not a normal boy, enjoying a teenager’s carefree life. Most of the time I am forced to wear blazers and I am always nervous-about work or studies,” he says.

While most others of his age are rolling balls down a bowling alley, he is charting the road map for his company. “We are planning to start management consultancy in the industry sector as well. There are plans to expand our services to non-IT areas by next year,” explains Suhas.

But ask him what’s his message for to-be entrepreneurs and he’s cautious.”I don’t think I am mature enough advise others, but if you have it in you, go for it. One should also make time to enjoy other things in life. With work, you get too busy to even repent,” he adds.

Mr. Gopinath was announced as a “Young Global Leader” for 2008-2009 by the World Economic Forum, Davos. In that position he would be involved in development programs across the world, including in a leadership program. He is reported to be the youngest YGL in the World Economic Forum’s history.


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28 Responses to Inspiring story of Suhas Gopinath, World’s Youngest CEO at 17 yrs

  1. Gordon Fernandes says:

    Dear hari,
    Keep up the good work. I have forwarded your blog address to many young and ambitious people. After all it is the youngsters who are the future of India.

    G. Fernandes

  2. kala says:

    i m really very impressed with you.
    u r simply great. keep going ahead…..:)

  3. kathir says:

    very nice

  4. faheem says:

    Hi dear

    Hey u r simply great.keep rocking …..


  5. ragupathy says:

    hi dear

    Now considering ur sucess, i’ve got a doubt…have u ever gotta feeling tat u’ve missed something (teen life)…how do u strike a balance between ur studies n ur work?

    • Gufran Khan says:

      Dear Suhas Sir,

      I am Gufran Khan, Electrical Engineer, 24yrs old, I wont say anything because all are appreciating but my confidence boosted, Because I was planning to do something different which no one knows and Insha Allah I will do and One day I Will sit beside you…

  6. barkunan says:

    very good

  7. Rose says:

    Hi Suhas,

    It was Excellent story of your life. it will help to motivate students and workers.


  8. hhhh says:

    HI Dear

    Very well done keep up the good work…

  9. Saif Sheikh says:


    You really ROCK man.. all the best…

    Saif Sheikh

  10. ramakrishna says:

    u r great

  11. deepa hedaoo says:


  12. deepa hedaoo says:


  13. Usha Muralidhar says:

    Hi Suhas,

    As a mother of a 20 year old, who is currently doing Information Systems Management and Entrepreneurship Management at Singapore, I am happy to read your story. My son also wants to start something on his own and I am sure you will be a source of inspiration to him too! Keep up the good work and I am proud as any Indian would be to see you reaching greater heights! Good luck and God bless!!!

  14. Piyush says:

    Wow………. What a story…….. GREAT….REALLY GREAT

  15. yamubala says:

    hello sir,
    really i feel glad to attend ur meeting, arranged by our chairman,ur words instill us to reach goal but soon…after reading this really i shocked of ur experience..i also notice ur humble and simple presence really amazing..keep rocking..

    im d student of MBA students of paavai col of eng..yuvarani.v


  16. trupti kalkar says:

    you know it feel very honored to have you in us..2day your speech really flowed new blood in us..blood of confidence, blood of being ambitious,n blood of being patient and positive attitude….i just want to wish to u all the best in your future…God bless!!!!!!!!

  17. pratik guptpal meshram says:

    sir,i want to become like you.
    Is it needed to be an extra ordinary talented person?

  18. jyothi says:

    hai suhas………
    every youngster should present like u………

  19. diwakarbank says:

    Any one can take inspiration but must be committed to his roots

  20. mamta says:

    hi suhas sir
    u r truely inspiring youngester n
    best luck for ur future

  21. Reeta S. Pankaj says:


  22. neelima says:

    hi suhas,

    u r truly inspiring youngster n
    best luck for ur future

  23. neelima says:

    hello suhas,

    u r truly inspiring youngster n
    best luck for ur future

  24. Suhas.S says:


  25. Pearl says:

    you r a hero.. I wish u to be a legend soon..

  26. TRIPTI says:

    Hi Suhas,

    You are simply the best.
    I am really feeling more energetic after reading your life story.

    All the best.

  27. S.MURUGAN says:

    Hi gopinath,

    Really superb,

    All the best….

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