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‘You can Bounce back from failure’ – Story of disabled men climbing mountain

 From studying under the streetlights to CEO of a US firm!

 12-year-old aims for gold at CWG

 100-year-old freedom fighter pursues PhD

 Inspiring story of school dropout with a PhD

 Success story of physically challenged Chess champion

 Inspiring story of India’s Only News paper for AIDS

 How ‘Magic’ Johnson’ fought back AIDS?

 Rags to Riches story of Lawrence Rajendran

 Success stories of small town girls in Asian Games.

 Studied +2, But Now World leader in Cloud Computing

 Inspiring Lessons to learn from Sachin Tendulkar

 Inspiring Success story of FaceBook

 Success story of Suhas Gopinath

 Muhammad Ali inspires Indian Cricket Team

Success Story of shooting star, Abhinav Bindra

Indra Nooyi’s mantra for success

Resul Pookutty, Oscar Award Winner- Hero of a rags to riches story

Srimanth fights cerebral palsy to become Karate Champion.

You become what You Believe – Inspiring Speech by Oprah Winfrey

Rags to Riches story of Slum Kid

Inspiring story of Wright Brothers – Inventors of World’s first manned flight

Inspiring story of Stephen Hawking, great scientist

Inspiring Interview of Dr.Abdul Kalam

Inspiring Life of Henry Ford

Dr.Tulsi aged 21 becomes India’s youngest Doctorate holder

Success story of Poacha who saves Lives

Inspiring Story of 13 yr old Ethical Hacker

Ruskin Bond: I have a lifelong allergy for exams

“If I can do it, so can others like me.” – Inspiring Life Story

Inspiring story of Office boy who became Chief Justice of India

Secrets of Success of Saina Nehwal

Inspiring Success stories of people who fought disabilities

‘You can bounce back from anything’ – Story of disabled men climbing mountain

How a candle-seller became a multi-millionaire?

Surat office boy becomes CA

Cobbler’s son cracks IIT – Inspiring Success story

Inspiring interview with Larry Page, Founder of Google

Success story of India’s First Visually Impaired Chartered Accountant

Indra Nooyi’s mantra for success

 Success Story of shooting star, Abhinav Bindra

 Story of Dr.P.C.Ray, Pionner in manufacture of medicines in India

 Inspiring Life of Alfred Nobel, inventor of Dynamite

 How Sri Aurobindo, a revolutionary became a Spiritual leader?

 Success story of Sunil Bharati Mittal

 Video of Small boy inspiring People

Life of Jagadishchandra Bose, Great Scientist

Get inspired from Great Scientist Dr.Homi Bhabha

The rickshawallah’s son who cracked the IAS

Inspiring Lessons from Warren Buffet’s Life

Get inspired from the life of Great Shri.Visvesvaraya

Inspiring story of Suhas Gopinath, World’s Youngest CEO at 17 yrs

 8 yr old Girl becomes youngest Asian to clear Cambridge Grade X exam 

How Warren Buffet made his billions? 

 You should dare to dream’ – Speech by Azim Premzi 

Story of C.V.Raman, First Indian Nobel prize Winner for Physics.

 Get Inspired from Success of College dropouts 

Inspired from Achievements of Great Sportsmen 

 Get Inspired even from Insults – Read about incident leading to creation of Stanford University

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Lessons by Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Computers

E.Sreedharan – Metro Man of India

Oprah Winfrey’s Rags to Riches Story

Story of Britain’s Youngest doctor at 22 yrs

How Narendra became ‘Swami Vivekananda’?

Failures are Never Fatal – Learn from Life of Great People.

Get inspired from life of Ramanujam, Mathematical Genius

Post on ‘Inspiring Life of Bill Gates’.

Post on ‘Life Lessons from Infosys Narayanamurthy’.

Inspiring Speech by J.K.Rowling, author of Harry Potter Novels.

Sean Connery’s rags to riches story

Inspiring Story of Subroto Bagchi, MindTree CEO – ‘Go Kiss the World’.

How an average student became Mahatma Gandhi?

Awe-inspiring: The waiter who will be an IAS officer

Village labourer cracks IIT entrance

8-yr-old social worker inspires students

 A hero who goes unnoticed

 Life after near-death

 You Can Do it Too’ – Secret of Sabeer Bhatiya’s Success

 Dreaming big is the key to success

 Striking it big against odds

 A published author at 15, he’s still not satisfied

 At 18, he runs an anti-hacking company

 From College drop out to MBA earning 12 lakh p.a.

 The inspiring rags-to-riches tale of Sarathbabu


Sweeper swept hurdles to become college prinicpal

Disabled student all set to graduate from IIT Madras

Chandrasekar, 17, is youngest to ace MTech from IIT

 From Rs 50 to a Forbes billionaire!

 Mercy Killing petitioner beats death, hugs life

Software Engineer-to-be at 16!

Inspiring speeches of the 20th century

From TN hut to New Jersey assembly

Sweeper swept hurdles to become college prinicpal

 FROM ‘PEON’ TO Vice-Chancellor

 A second life is all it takes to be a success

 Life lessons from Michael Phelps

Life Stories to Inspire: Indra Nooyi – CEO, PepsiCo

 India’s youngest 17 yr old MTech from IIT Chennai

Ratan Tata’s words of inspiration

2 Responses to Contents of blog

  1. VENKAT AT 85 says:

    The blog of eminent personalities are to be read and re-read. The one about a girl wanting to become Dr Ambati, the one about Sreeedharan,Visweswaraya and many such blogs are a lesson for the youngsters to emulate. I feel these posts should be edited and brought in a book form and sold by publications like Bharatia Vidya Bhavan at nominal cost so that the young mind will not be perverted as of today.
    I think this will be a service for the presentday generation and this blog site should be a treasure house for their discipline in life lest they will fall in bad atmosphere. Young minds when once spoiled will not easy to reform.
    Venkat from Madras,2nd Nov, 9.43 pm.

  2. selvan says:

    Airtel has more subscribers than BSNL in India and it is great to read to read the story of Shri.Bharathi Mittal in this blog.

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